Justice and the Statue of Liberty kissing.


Here I am, stubborn and opinionated, and, most significantly, unapologetic.  I think too much and have all these thoughts and opinions constantly floating through my brain, and I’m curious what others think of them, good or bad.  Who knows, you could even change my mind, though I wouldn’t hold my breath on that, because, as advertised, I’m stubborn.

A bit about me.  I’m female, I’m single, I’m heterosexual, I have a teenaged son, I’m a senior in college, a self identified feminist (not to be confused with misandrist, the opposite of misogynist), a conflicted liberal (meaning I don’t embrace every aspect of being liberal, and I have one or two conservative ideas), I believe everyone should be treated equally (not just some people who are more “equal” than others), a bookworm, a nerd, an avid fan of almost everything from the 1980s, a collector of witty t-shirts, and a scholar of human behavior (via sociology, anthropology, politics and psychology).*

I’m tried of apologizing for being outside the status quo, and not meeting societies expectations.  I am who I am, and I’m okay with it!

*(I’ll probably add more to this when time permits.)


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