VD is Coming to Your Town Next Week!

I just read this article (http://www.askmen.com/fashion/fashiontip/tip14.html) offering Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her.  If you need to go to the askmen.com website to find ideas on what to get the person you love, you probably don’t know them well enough.  Instead of askmen.com, try ask them no dot com.  The results will be better than these ideas.

I’d like to refute a few of these ideas.

Chocolates: they say they’re an aphrodisiac.  I have to disagree with that.  Why its a bad idea: its not that bad,

But I’d rather get something that requires some thought, that isn’t consumable, that I wouldn’t necessarily buy myself at my next grocery store trip.

Fragrances: don’t wear any, don’t care for em.  The site said this, “Regardless, if you snag her something you think smells delicious, then she’ll likely enjoy it as well.” Why its a bad idea: scent is a very personal thing.  What smells good to you may be revolting to me. If you go this route, get her what she usually gets herself.

Fancy (high thread count) sheets: while it may be nice, I’d rather have sheets I’m not afraid to ruin.  I also like my sheets to match the rest of my decor, which means sheets seperate from my bed spread probably won’t match.  The site says “Plus, this is the gift that gives back; with sheets like these, she’ll never want to get out of bed.” Why its a bad idea: if you’re buying them to keep me in bed more, it just may work, but not the way you intended.  Remember, dear, if I’m in bed I can’t be in the kitchen getting you a sammich.

Lingerie: “Speaking Of Gifts That Give Back, Lingerie Is Another One That Benefits You As Much As It Does Her.” Just no.  Ever wonder why lingerie doesn’t really exist for men?  Because its uncomfortable.  Itchy lace, fabric that compresses places, wires and boning (not to be confused with the boner you’re after). Why its a bad idea: I’m not utterly against lingerie, but its not a gift for her, its a gift for you, and she probably knows that.

Flowers: these are nice, and I enjoy receiving them, but sadly, they only live a few days before being consigned to the dumpster.  Why its a bad idea: its not, but they should be considered a secondary gift, not a main one, and I’d wait until after VD when the cost actually matches reality again.  You can give them any time, she won’t be mad.

At-home spa goodies: their list basically means expensive bath products with the addition of candles… in a basket.  Why its a bad idea: for the same reason fragrances are.

There are a couple more items in the list that aren’t that bad.  I reiterate, however, ASK THEM what they want.


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